Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


This initial blurb will be changed as soon as our leader sends me a description as to where we walked . I never have a clue I simply follow the others and moan about the hills
6 of up old codgers met at Chilham car park on a rather overcast and damp morning . Then setting off up the first of many hills we went through the village square part Chilham Castle then following the road that goes past the back of the castle we entered the edge of Kings Wood, this in turn lead us to Godmersham Manor . After this no idea other than it included lots of big hills . In all it was 7.6 hard miles
Sorry about the quality of the photos but being very overcast did not help especially when in wooded areas where I had to resort to using a flash the burns out the photo to a certain extent

Here is a better description by our leader

6 of us meet at car park bottom of hill at Chilham and proceeded  up through village,then along Mountain street and footpath to Godmersham Park. We cross straight over A28 to the street Godmersham,go under railway line,turn left onto Eggarton Lane and walk for about half mile until we reach Stour Valley Walk path on our left. Climb over stile and follow path up across field ,through small wood to top of hill,stopping here for a short break. Then down to corner of field,over stile,turn right passing Woodsdale Farm,turn left over stile and follow path uphill till you reach a wood. Cross a stile into the wood,follow path through wood,over another stile then path down,passing Down Wood on our right until we reach Pilgrims Cycle Trail. Turn right and follow trail as far as path on left which takes us past the Long Barrow and down to Bagham.Its a straight forward route from here back through Chilham and back to car park.

Chilham Square

Chilham Castle 

Taken just because we liked the reflections of the sign 

Near  Godmersham Manor 

Yet another big hill

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


on a dampish cloudy day 5 of us met at the Hucking Country Park , because we have shown this walk many times in the blog all I need too say we did a circular 5.6 mile walk through the park
Winter on its way so a few leave have fallen but without the glint of sun it was not as colourful as it usually is .Still  good company and better than being at work
Due to it being overcast photos a bit rubbish but it may stop Aussie Wendy nagging me
Start of walk as you see overcast and they are leaving me behind again 

The Shephard 

looking south 

photos above stitched together , view south