Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


This chap kept flying past at 700'
AKERS steps 333 of them to the top
The morning started with an English breakfast at the Clifftop Cafe which was very good and we were noisily disruptive ,like schoolboys on a day out.

Along the base of the cliffs at Sampire Hoe,which is made from the spoil of the channel tunnel and is an isthmus.So we trudged(for that is the best description)along the shingle beach for 3 miles until we could take no more .We returned to the Hoe and had an ice cream.
An argument/discussion ensued about the purpose of a ship that was just outside Dover Docks,the photo below will lay the argument to rest as it was a cable layer (fibre optic)


The cable laying non oligarchical ship.
The British antarctic ship "Sir David Attenborough"was to be called ,by overwhelming popular vote "Boaty Mac Boatface"and as democracy is challenged nowadays it was not accepted-However,the Swedish railways have 4 new trains and are calling one TrainyMc Trainface to show their superior sense of humour.

Shakespeare Halt with Akers steps to the right of the Tunnel

The Coal mine that once went under the channel

The access tunnel to the Hoe being built/enlarged

In answer to a query here are the smoke vents hundreds of feet above the Shakespeare cliff tunnels

Throwing stones at the Frenchies                                                                  

Wednesday, August 02, 2017


4 chaps 6 miles uphill downhill through the weeds,over the stiles (falling at one point)windy,
grey but temperate.the map is not owned by me and is for educational purposes.
It rained as we returned to the cars.
A walk of optimum duration and effort.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Three intrepid walkers met at Camer Park with the senior member of the group having put in a request - no hills. The walk went from Camer towards Meopham and back across the railway and the orchard towards Cobham. From here we went at right angles towards Jeskins Park and on to the Wealdway where we returned towards Sole Street. A wander around some of the more salubrious streets of Sole Street led us to the back of Camer. Passing Sir Michael Gambons pad we reached up at Daph's Cafe where we indulged in bacon baguettes and sausage sandwhiches with tea  thanks to Mr Lea the youngster of the group . As the request for a hill free walk was met the senior member might like to give some consideration to  future requests about the weather as we were subjected to several showers throughout the walk.

Sorry but the photos not that good , got lazy and left camera on auto which is never a good idea

No we are not lost again

Fancy a holiday in a quite location

Prefab church Not many of these around

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Not a lot I can really say in the way of a description other than five this week met at a car park just outside West Hythe . Then on a very hot sunny day we crossed the road , followed the canal into Hythe right next to the Hythe to Dymchurch railway station where stopped for a cuppa Then across the road following the canal to where it is close to the sea front . Here we followed the sea shore towards Folkstone , at the Folkstone end of the golf course we cut inland till we met the canal then ambled back to the car park 8.4 miles very tiring
Top left hand side of photo you can just see a concrete sound mirror

Hythe sea front

Hythe golf course

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Herne Bay to Reculver

Only 3 bodies available this week so once again it was a simple walk ie no map reading , that we have done many times over the past few years For this reason I only took a few photos
We met up at Herne Bay then simply followed the coast to Reculver . Here we stopped for a great sausage sarnie , brought by Lea followed by a very nice Jersey ice cream brought by Gordon so I got away with not paying .
Weather stayed hot and sunny and the walk was just under 6 miles .
Near the start of the walk looking back West to Herne Bay

From the same place looking East to the Towers in the distance

Every week they insist on hills or steps just to annoy me

Great sausage Sandwich , thanks Lea

By the side of cliff top path