Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


it was minus 2C when we left home to meet up by the side of the river in Faversham . The ground was covered with a heavy frost when 7 of us set up along the side of the river into Faversham town . Then heading north we again walked along the side of the river and through the boatyard by now the sun was out and was slowly warming us up . This was turning out to be a great day not to be at work but the down side was it was thawing out the ground making the ground very muddy . Here we cut of east along the pathways  to Graveney church where we stopped for a welcome break . Then onwards back across the fields to Faversham with a brief stop for a great cup of tea and scone 8 Miles all told . The only down side was carer to the oldest member kept failing in his duty and had to receive a verbal warning but being a youngster we don't think he took much notice
Frosty Riverside at Faversham

local church

Graveney Church

Very muddy last leg

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