Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Another overcast gloomy day 7 of us met at the car park adjacent to Doddington church where our leader and planner had organised a walk park of which we had done in the past part was new to all of us
The following is the route we took as written by our leader what he does not mention is was longer than he promised and far more hill than he said there were We must buy him a new piece of string so he can do a decent measurement
The Route
Park in Doddington church car park and walk through Sharsted wood to Sharsted Court and follow lane on right down to Newnham. Turn left then right into Seed road and then left on lane and after about 1mile take 3rd track on left across fields to Otterden road. Turn right and follow first track on your right across field to Frith Farm House,cross lane and keep on track straight ahead to Seed Road. Turn left and go for about 100yds take track on your right into field and go straight ahead,ignoring path on right, until you come to bend on corner of road. From here follow track on right across field to road,go along road for 50yds turn on track on your left and follow track to Old Lenham Road,turn right down to The Street Doddington then make our way back to Doddington Church car park

just under 8 miles and took about 3 to 3 1/2 hrs

Doddington Church at start of walk

Doddington Manor well worth a visit

Sharsted Woods

Sharsted Court

Lynsted Church

Someone wanted this photographed for some reason

Lost again

Restored Shepherds Hut

Another Hill

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


7 this week met up in Lapwing Drive Hailstow for a walk partly along side the River Medway , we were joined by our expert on BS who as always started off by giving us a history lesson whether we were interested or not but it did brighten the day . It was rather overcast with a promise of rain later , it did mean we were in for a muddy walk . Below is the actual route as written by our leader as I said before I have no idea where we go Just under 8 miles
Let me apologise for the photos on taking then from the camera to put on pc I noticed most had spots that must have been on the lens
Park in Lapwing Drive Lower Halstow near to gates that take you to the dock where the Edith May barge is kept. From here we follow the Saxon Shore Way along the sea wall through Twinney and onto Ham Green. We then turn inland following the SSWay ( Saxon Shore Way) to some fishing lakes where we leave the SSWay and follow footpath to Upchurch. We then turn up Chaffes Lane for about 250mts , climb over a stile into a field and take the right hand path diagonally through horse paddocks, over a couple of stiles until we reach Holywell Lane. Turn right and follow lane to crossroad with Breach Lane,then follow footpath diagonally across field, over stile into fruit plantation, and stay on path across field, over track way and down to edge of railway line, go through tunnel under line and follow path up to A2 road. Turn left through Newington High Street and then turn left down Church Lane to cross road, go straight over onto Wardwell Lane for about 200mts until you reach a path on your left. Follow this path which runs along side the now disused water cress beds, up hill to Broom Downs, and then onto Lower Halstow and back to the cars.
Halstow Church at start of walk

Serves teas and coffees etc at certain times of the year

River Medway

Muddy going along sea wall

This is a real tent

Read the warning sign

Isle Of Grain in distance

Upchurch parish Church

Last rest stop

One more stile to climb over

Halstow Village

Wednesday, February 08, 2017


6 of us this week met up at Bridge Nr Canterbury on a cold damp morning for the following walk  This is described by our leader as follows as he was the only one who had the faintest idea where we were going  8 miles of hard walking but  better than working

Park in Bridge high street then follow Elham Valley Way north to Patrixbourne. Turn right on road and follow Patrixbourne Road to just past Church on your right then turn left on track across field to edge of wood turn right and follow edge of wood until you reach path on your left through wood. Follow this path out of wood and through fruit plantations to Highland Court Farm where you follow track left to road. Turn right and follow road past Cold Harbour Farm and onto Gipsy Cottage where you leave road and follow track on left across field to junction in path turn right and follow path down to edge of A2. Cross bridge over A2 turn right and follow footpath for about 250mts then left on path that takes you into Kingston. After about 200mts turn right onto bridle way which leads onto Elham Valley Way. Follow this track through Bishopsbourne and back to Bridge.
Bridge at start of walk

As you see muddy underfoot

Great looking building

Note it still retains its original feature

Spring on its way

Bread Pud going down well but only for selected few

Snowdrops on show

Coffee Break over

A2 on return leg

Looks as if the Beavers have been busy