Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017


6 of us this week met up at Bridge Nr Canterbury on a cold damp morning for the following walk  This is described by our leader as follows as he was the only one who had the faintest idea where we were going  8 miles of hard walking but  better than working

Park in Bridge high street then follow Elham Valley Way north to Patrixbourne. Turn right on road and follow Patrixbourne Road to just past Church on your right then turn left on track across field to edge of wood turn right and follow edge of wood until you reach path on your left through wood. Follow this path out of wood and through fruit plantations to Highland Court Farm where you follow track left to road. Turn right and follow road past Cold Harbour Farm and onto Gipsy Cottage where you leave road and follow track on left across field to junction in path turn right and follow path down to edge of A2. Cross bridge over A2 turn right and follow footpath for about 250mts then left on path that takes you into Kingston. After about 200mts turn right onto bridle way which leads onto Elham Valley Way. Follow this track through Bishopsbourne and back to Bridge.
Bridge at start of walk

As you see muddy underfoot

Great looking building

Note it still retains its original feature

Spring on its way

Bread Pud going down well but only for selected few

Snowdrops on show

Coffee Break over

A2 on return leg

Looks as if the Beavers have been busy

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