Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


This intro by G2Y
Weather: Sunny with occasional cloud; a cool light breeze; maximum temperature 100.

Distance: 7.6 miles;  Conditions dry;  Ray’s jokes: poor;  GP’s Bull***t: moderate;

Complement: 5 handsome fellows

Our HWWP (Happy Wanderers Walk Planner) this week, Terry, really pulled one out of the hat.  As the totally forgotten comic used to say “It’s a cracker!”.  The countryside was as a vivid, fresh green with a sense of coming alive after winter hibernation.  The walk took us first past a familiar grand manor house on the edge of Chilham and then on through less familiar beech woods, occasionally carpeted with bluebells, coppices and other wooded glades as well as fields with various crops in their early stage of growth.  The young lambs looked very healthy although we were unable to do anything to help two renegades who had somehow got out of the field and wanted to get back.  Like Brexit voters, there was much bleating but no idea how they were going to get back to safety.  We were unable to help them as, when Terry approached with a helping hand, they ran away.

Towards the end we were able to gaze from a small bridge along a shaded river to see the occasional splash from fish leaping out of the water in pursuit of flying food.  It was quiet and quite magical.

The walk was punctuated by a generous helping of hills which, as usual, brought comment from the photographer but he was so occupied with photographing the views he didn’t have much time for moaning and nobody listened anyway.  GP pointed out that we had, in fact, trodden this walk before but collective amnesia caused doubtful frowns to pass over furrowed brows.  This, it must be assumed, is only to be expected from the group of old relics that comprised today’s group.  A great day out: the details of the walk are as follows .......

This by our leader TC

Park in car-park at bottom of village then proceed through village and follow Mountain Street to parking area, from here follow path to Godmersham Park and then follow exit road to edge of A28 Ashford Road. Cross road follow Eggarton Lane for about half a mile then turn left onto Stour Valley Walk path and keep on this path until you reach a track at Woodsdale Farm. Cross stile onto track, turn right following path sign for about 100mtrs then left at path sign,S V W and climb uphill, taking left path to edge of wood. Stopped here for a tea/coffee break. We then crossed stile into woods and followed S.V.W. signs down edge of Down Wood until we reached Pilgrims Cycle Track, turned right and followed track until we got to turning on left for Julliberrie Downs ( Long Barrow) and Chilham. We followed path down to edge of Great Stour,crossed bridge then crossed Railwayline to edge of A28 Ashford Road, cross straight over to Bagham Lane, left at Bagham Road to Chilham Square and back to car park.

Chilham Castle

Chilham Square at start of walk

Rear view of Chilham Castle

Godmersham Hall

As you see they have left me behind again

Another hill

As you see a very secure gate


Photo by GY

Photo by GY

Photo by GY
Photo by GY

Photo by GY


  1. Very good pictures Ray.

    1. cheers John but I did learn from the master ie you