Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Due to a family reason I did not take part in this walk so the following text and photos are by Mr GY.  Unfortunately, I have no idea where they were taken so cannot add any captions.

There were 4 of us.  We walked 6.1 miles.  After overnight rain it was damp to start with but quickly dried and got warmer.  By 1.00pm it was very hot and a humid 25°.  We all agreed that although it was a very good walk, we'd had enough by that point.  Thank goodness modern cars have air conditioning!

I am expecting our leader to send me a better description later so, when it arrives, I can add it here.

Named by JC "A Ray Sop" I wonder why

GY showing his artistic bent

LD pondering the meaning of life Answer 42

Hampton -Whitstable again

as this was a repeat of last weeks walk was not going to bother to post it on the blog but realised we may get Wendy from Australia complaining so just to say slightly different group but still 8.5 miles
Here are just a few of the photos

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Hampton to Whitstable

this was not a "official" Happy Wanderers " walk as a few of us could not make the normal Wed get together so just 3 family members met up on a Tuesday at Hampton Pier, near Herne Bay and slowly walked to Whitstable .Hopefully those who do the normal Wed walk will enter that on this blog later
Us 3 met at the car park by Hampton pier on what was forecast to be a overcast and showery day but the sun was out when we set of , this time we had a lovely dog for company
This is a walk that has been entered on this site many times so will not bore you with repeating the details other than the sun came out , we got to Whitstable where we had a hot drink plus great sausage sandwich , then stopped for ice cream on the way back . The weather stayed sunny all the time we were there and when we got back to the car we found we had walked 8.5 miles
Just a few photos mainly for our friend Wendy Lady from Oz and relations in NZ
Hampton Beach At Start of walk

Trying to get the dog to catch a ball

As you can see we needed a rest

In Whitstable  Harbour

Waiting for a few crumbs

He is trying to avoid the dogs pleading eyes

To Wendy in Oz you can see your relation is still eating

Finally GY shares his food