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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Hampton to Whitstable

this was not a "official" Happy Wanderers " walk as a few of us could not make the normal Wed get together so just 3 family members met up on a Tuesday at Hampton Pier, near Herne Bay and slowly walked to Whitstable .Hopefully those who do the normal Wed walk will enter that on this blog later
Us 3 met at the car park by Hampton pier on what was forecast to be a overcast and showery day but the sun was out when we set of , this time we had a lovely dog for company
This is a walk that has been entered on this site many times so will not bore you with repeating the details other than the sun came out , we got to Whitstable where we had a hot drink plus great sausage sandwich , then stopped for ice cream on the way back . The weather stayed sunny all the time we were there and when we got back to the car we found we had walked 8.5 miles
Just a few photos mainly for our friend Wendy Lady from Oz and relations in NZ
Hampton Beach At Start of walk

Trying to get the dog to catch a ball

As you can see we needed a rest

In Whitstable  Harbour

Waiting for a few crumbs

He is trying to avoid the dogs pleading eyes

To Wendy in Oz you can see your relation is still eating

Finally GY shares his food

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