Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Due to a family reason I did not take part in this walk so the following text and photos are by Mr GY.  Unfortunately, I have no idea where they were taken so cannot add any captions.

There were 4 of us.  We walked 6.1 miles.  After overnight rain it was damp to start with but quickly dried and got warmer.  By 1.00pm it was very hot and a humid 25°.  We all agreed that although it was a very good walk, we'd had enough by that point.  Thank goodness modern cars have air conditioning!

I am expecting our leader to send me a better description later so, when it arrives, I can add it here.

Named by JC "A Ray Sop" I wonder why

GY showing his artistic bent

LD pondering the meaning of life Answer 42

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