Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


About 6 miles maybe 7 ,felt like 10 (to me) just 3 of us,quite hot,and humid and sunny,any breeze was immediately noticeable.From Chilham we walked north through the Apple and Pear orchards to New Forest lane,crossed over and through steps that were overgrown.Up to the crest,on to Grove rd Perry wood,and then after a brief sit down on a fallen tree,at the top of a very long climb,towards Shottenden through more orchards.
Then Denne manor road and then on an old neglected rutted path to the A251 a left turn and a hike back to the car park,

Yesterday I was talking to a Portugese girl in the park,(365 acres,Oak,Beech,Yew,Walnut )and she said she loved England for the rain and the greenery,Portugal being 40C+ and fires raging out of control.
Here,its like there's air conditioning on most of the time.

Below are some Oast Houses unique to hop country.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


This chap kept flying past at 700'
AKERS steps 333 of them to the top
The morning started with an English breakfast at the Clifftop Cafe which was very good and we were noisily disruptive ,like schoolboys on a day out.

Along the base of the cliffs at Sampire Hoe,which is made from the spoil of the channel tunnel and is an isthmus.So we trudged(for that is the best description)along the shingle beach for 3 miles until we could take no more .We returned to the Hoe and had an ice cream.
An argument/discussion ensued about the purpose of a ship that was just outside Dover Docks,the photo below will lay the argument to rest as it was a cable layer (fibre optic)


The cable laying non oligarchical ship.
The British antarctic ship "Sir David Attenborough"was to be called ,by overwhelming popular vote "Boaty Mac Boatface"and as democracy is challenged nowadays it was not accepted-However,the Swedish railways have 4 new trains and are calling one TrainyMc Trainface to show their superior sense of humour.

Shakespeare Halt with Akers steps to the right of the Tunnel

The Coal mine that once went under the channel

The access tunnel to the Hoe being built/enlarged

In answer to a query here are the smoke vents hundreds of feet above the Shakespeare cliff tunnels

Throwing stones at the Frenchies                                                                  

Wednesday, August 02, 2017


4 chaps 6 miles uphill downhill through the weeds,over the stiles (falling at one point)windy,
grey but temperate.the map is not owned by me and is for educational purposes.
It rained as we returned to the cars.
A walk of optimum duration and effort.