Paleolithic rock shelter.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Herne Bay to Whitstable

Just 5 this week and as we have had too much hot weather lately we thought a stroll along the Kent coast might be just the job . We met at Hampton Pier and headed West along the sea front . The sun was out but just enough breeze to be enjoyable although the lovely weather had brought out a few other strollers . As we got near Whitstable came across a local group trying to uncover the remains of a 16th century ship that had been buried in the mud a few hundred meters from the shore . We did have a chat with the group on the return leg of our walk . Onwards to Whitstable for a coffee break then simply retraced our steps albeit with an ice cream brought by our leader
Near Hampton Pier 

For some reason the group wanted a photo of Barry's hat 

Heading West 

Trying to be artistic , and failing 

Yes I know another photo of beach huts 

In Whitstable harbour

Gulls feeding on shellfish

Shellfish ready for the market 

about 500 years old , recovered from ship wreck mentioned in text

another attempt at being arty , its a rubbish bin 

Hampton Pier in the distance 

last rest stop for the oldest member of the group and his minder 

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